Scrap & Recyclable Metal Trading

Scrap & Recyclable Metal Trading

Metal scrap is generated from a number of sources including industrial processes, construction, waste collection and household rubbish. As some scrap may be contaminated or too large to transport economically, scrap processors have invested in ways to clean or upgrade the scrap such as shredding / granulating and baling. This makes it more useable for downstream consumers which are mainly melting plants producing alloys, remelts or semi-finished products such as sheets, hardware, wires and in the case of lead, batteries and paints. Where Copper scrap is traded, much of the lower grade material is recycled by refineries from which new Copper cathode will be produced and the process and life of that starts all over again.





Stainless Steel

Zorba / Heavies

Electrical Motors

ICW / Cables

For more information about any of the metals listed above please see the ISRI Scrap Specifications Circular by clicking here

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