Tradmet’s expertise and knowledge is not only in the products in which we trade but in finance, hedging and logistics which enables us to maximise the benefits to our suppliers and customers alike. We stand in the middle to match off the requirements of the supplier and those of the customer where often they have different needs and objectives, which makes for a smoother business and transaction experience.

Our reliability and honesty also make us a good partner to work with to ensure that obligations are fulfilled and where the client can rest assured that their needs will be met without fear of financial risk. This can include providing suppliers and customers the ability to cover pricing risk through Tradmet’s extensive knowledge and experience in the finance, shipping and use of FX / terminal markets.

We are often approached by suppliers who have a product they are seeking to find a market for or from customers who are looking to source certain items.  With our experience in the sector we have found that an initial transaction leads to a long term business relationship.

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