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Mike Tradgett

Mike Tradgett, the business owner, has over 35 years of experience in metal trading. His first position was in shipbroking before he joined a trading company in 1983. Since then he has worked for a number of trading companies gaining experience in a variety of metals/products. Since the late 1980’s he concentrated on non- ferrous metals and scrap. Having developed close associations with a number of clients, he established the company in 1997. His experience spans trading steel, ferro-alloys, primary metal and secondary/scrap metals. Mike has extensive knowledge of trading disciplines including futures hedging and financial instruments which aids Tradmet’s ability to facilitate business in continually changing market demands.

Barry Ming

Barry Ming joined Tradmet in 2006. Prior to joining the company he had worked in a variety of roles, but his IT strength is what attracted the company. He has for a number of years been responsible for shipping and documentation within the logistics department which included LME hedging and management of the daily LME risk position. With increased volumes of business and the need to closely manage the LME/ Comex and FX hedging activities he has recently taken on the role of Risk Manager, whilst continuing to assist logistics in production and monitoring of shipping documents.

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Amy Priest

Amy Priest joined Tradmet in 2013 as our Office Manager. As the business grew, she became more involved in shipping and logistics arranging shipments and inspections requiring close interaction with suppliers and forwarders. With the implementation of a new contract management database in 2017 her previous experience of databases has been invaluable in developing the use of the new shipping system. With further increases in the turnover of the business Amy has recently taken on the new role of Shipping Manager with overall responsibility for all shipping and documentation matters in respect of metal purchases and sales.


George Tsagarakis

George Tsagarakis has been working as an executive consultant to Tradmet since 2014. He previously lived and worked in the UK where he was employed by a large scrap processing group in their logistic and shipping division. After returning to Greece he worked for 5 years for a large scrap processing yard in Athens and further developed his knowledge of scrap and trading. He remains in Athens from where he has developed and grown business for Tradmet in Greece and the Mediterranean and other regions since joining, becoming an important member of the Tradmet team.

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Kenny Tai

Kenny Tai is employed by our subsidiary, Tradmet Hong Kong Limited as Commercial Manager. The company was incorporated in December 2017. After a number of years’ working within the shipping industry he worked for a large Japanese trading house for about 10 years followed by a Hong Kong trading company active in non-ferrous scrap business prior to joining us on 1 January 2018. He has successfully developed and increased Tradmet’s business in the region with a particular emphasis on sales to the Chinese market. He is remotely located from the main office but is a fairly regular visitor to UK and very much part of the team.


Jamie Millar

Jamie Millar joined Tradmet in December 2018 in the role of Chief Financial Officer. He is a Chartered Accountant who has been working in the Metals and Commodities trading sector since 1995. With so many years in the industry he has a broad experience within both the futures and physical markets where he has worked for some large companies in the sector and has concentrated in recent years on Finance and Risk Management. His new role with us gives him the opportunity to further develop these areas of control whilst having overall responsibility for the Accounting and Finance function.


Georg Creasey

Georg Creasey joined Tradmet in June 2018 as Shipping Administrator. She came to us with a strong background in contract administration. Her main responsibilities are in liaising with suppliers and forwarders and arranging collections / shipments of goods and where necessary inspections, to ensure the smooth processing of our outbound despatches and supplier satisfaction.


Beth Jobber

Beth Jobber joined us in April 2018 as Shipping Administrator. She had prior experience in merchandising and logistics. Her main responsibility is in the administration of shipments and presentation of documents to our customers. She has developed some effective new processes to closely monitor status of shipment and fulfilment to our customers. Her close contact with our customers to ensure they receive accurate and timely sales documentation is a great contribution towards customer satisfaction.