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Established in 1997 Tradmet Limited is a physical trader and brokerage business specialising in non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and steel scrap. Operating in the primary, recyclables and secondary sectors, the company trades in multiples of container loads and break-bulk quantities.

Tradmet is a strong business formed on its key attributes of trustworthiness, dependability and a sound financial base.

The company’s wide experience of ferrous and non-ferrous products makes its team well-suited to be reactive to changes in market sentiment and, where necessary, facilitate swift changes in business strategy.

Our continued growth has been based on regular repeat business with a broad base of trusted suppliers and customers across the globe.

The company’s knowledge and access to the LME enables it to offer flexibility in pricing to its clients so that they can manage their risk in a way which may not always be possible in what can often be volatile markets.